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Not sure if I mentioned that I do an art therapy class called “WAR PAINT” “Where life’s issues are discussed and brushed away” And this weekend at Kingdom Empowerment Family Worship Center In Chesapeake; we did just that! The subject was Mental Warfare/ Mental Slavery and the participation and breakthrough was amazing. To be able to use my Artistry to help in the process of breaking chains and bringing freedom to people’s lives is more than a blessing. God is so good. Everyone leaving better than they came including me. The gift God gives is talent and opportunity; the gift we give back is what we do with it. Im so thankful to use my gift in this capacity. Thanks so much to my Wife Vandelette Lucas and Daughter Laila Lucas for being the supreme Anomaly Art team and helping hand. So thankful to the leadership at Kingdom Empowerment for having me out, and extremely thankful to everyone who signed up to take part and make the event a success. “To God be the Glory”

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